To Date or Not To Date: What the Bible Says About Premarital Relationships

9781631990038mby D. Kevin Brown

Dating is an accepted practice in our world today, even in our Christian churches. We believe we must “find” our compatible mate and so many churches have “Singles” small groups so the members may scope each other and get to know each other on dates. There is even a website, Christian Mingle, to provide a way to meet other singles and offers this quote: Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. – Psalm 37:4. Contrary to this out of context quote, dating is not mentioned in the Bible.

“It’s my desire in To Date or Not to Date (ISBN# 978-1-63199-003-8) to awaken within the hearts and minds of parents and young people alike the understanding that we can trust the Bible to guide us in all things, including premarital relationships. My prayer is that you will be inspired to go against the grain of the culture and follow the timeless truths of Scripture and seek the best God has for you in all things.” says Rev Kevin Brown.

Let us raise the bar on our standards and our trust in God to bring His good gifts to His children in His time. This book will challenge the mores of our culture and bring us to a place of serious commitment to vows and assurance of His grace to establish marriages that will last.

To Date or Not To Date is the newest addition to the Topical Line Drives series. It is available on EnergionDirect for $4.99 and on Kindle for only $0.99 and remember U.S. Shipping is free!



“I enjoyed the simplicity and clarity of his approach…”

9781938434761mThe Dubious Disciple, Lee Harmon, takes a review look at Dr Bruce Epperly’s new book,  Holistic Spirituality: Life Transforming Wisdom from the Book of James.

“We don’t know who James felt he was correcting with this epistle, but presumably there were some early followers of Jesus who were so “heavenly minded that they were no earthly good.” James sets them straight, reminding them of their responsibility in upholding the goodness of Christ. This is no epistle of straw, … ” (Read more)


Dr. Bruce Epperly Adds “Two” the Series

Bruce Epperly, pastor and professor, brings two new books to the Topical Line Drives series.

9781631990021mProcess Theology: Embracing Adventure With God (ISBN#1631990020) is a brief, lively, and engaging book. If you have ever wondered what process theology is or struggled to understand the concept, Dr. Epperly untangles the difficult concepts and shows how we can envision a God who is in relation to us throughout our lives here and in the next world. He believes that “God is present at the moment of our conception, guides us through the adventures of this lifetime, urging us to rejoice in embodiment and bring healing to our world, and upon our final earthly breath receives us with open arms with visions of future adventures in communion with God and our fellow creatures.”


9781938434761mThen in Holistic Spirituality: Life Transforming Wisdom from the Letter of James (ISBN#1938434765) Bruce Epperly disagrees with the bad rap this biblical letter has received amongst Christians, especially modern protestants. Often considered not as theologically serious as the writings of Paul, nor as gracious as the gospels, too works-oriented and just a bit obscure for others. Some have even questioned whether it is truly a Christian book. We are more likely to see a seminary course on Romans or Galatians than on James.

Bruce believes James has something important to say about the way we live as 21st century Christians, just as it did for 1st century Christians, but he also doesn’t think James is in opposition to Paul. He suspects the two apostles would have had no difficulty with each other’s theology.

Both books are available on EnergionDirect for $4.99 and on Kindle for only $0.99 and remember U.S. Shipping is free!