Topical Line Drives volumes are designed to address issues in a concise manner so that readers can review a topic briefly and discover what further study might interest them. Volumes are limited to 44 pages, so these are quick reads, or as we prefer to say, efficient!

Though the series originated in our Participatory Study Series of study guides to biblical and theological topics, they are broader. They grew out of the need to examine topics outside of those study guides and are often recommended by writers in that series as a way to examine implications of a study and to look at theological, philosophical, social, and cultural backgrounds.

Volumes are welcome on any of these topics, and from a broad range of viewpoints. We are especially looking for interfaith examinations of topics so that readers can move from studying their own traditions to examining how their tradition relates to those of others. We strongly prefer offerings from people from within their own tradition and written from their own experience.

All volumes in this series are priced at $6.99 retail, and will have quantity discounts that will bring the price to $3.89 each for 50 or more copies. They will be released simultaneously, or within a few days, in various ebook formats, and those ebooks will be priced at just $3.99.

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