Just Released: What Protestants Need to Know about Roman Catholics

9781938434778mEnergion Publications announces the release of the second volume in the Topical Line Drives series, What Protestants Need to Know about Roman Catholics. This little volume, just 42 pages including all front and back matter, will introduce protestants to the belief and culture of the Roman Catholic church.

It is not designed to convert protestants to Roman Catholics or the reverse. It is designed to help us understand one another, to see both our strengths and our weaknesses, and then hopefully to work together where we agree.

As with all of the Topical Line Drives books, this title is priced aggressively at $4.99 retail with deep quantity discounts:

2 or more $4.24
5 or more $3.99
10 or more $3.74
20 or more $3.49
50 or more $3.24

It is available now via Energion Direct, and will shortly be available on Amazon.com and other online retailers, as well as in ebook formats.

Watch this site for news of the forthcoming release of a companion volume, What Roman Catholics Need to Know about Protestants.

cts-smot_200x150Bob LaRochelle is also author of Energion titles Crossing the Street and So Much Older Then ….

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